Uh oh, someone set me up the hack!

Dear user of xav.to,

Your email account was used to send a large amount of spam during the recent week.
We suspect that your computer had been infected and now contains a hidden proxy server.

Please follow the instructions in order to keep your computer safe.

Have a nice day,
xav.to technical support team.
Dear support team of xav.to,

You are a fictional entity perhaps indicative of a personality split and/or
disorder of self perception. I suspect you have generated a story about
compromised computers as a way to confront your mentally fragmented
state without suffering a complete collapse of cognitive ability.

Please reevaluate your reality in order to correct your delusions.

Have a nice day,
Xav.to actual owner/administrator.
    "Remember, I am not just a client, I am also the president!"

P.S. Thank you for the attached copy of MyDoom-O.
I appreciate your efforts at providing me with up to date software.